24/2017 – One for the road

Saturday, 30 Dec 2017

ONE more drink before you go. One more journey till the end of the road.

One last story yet to be told. One last battle till you finally fold.

To my friends who have lost their loved ones to the big C this year, time will heal your pain. Cherish the lovely memories of your journey once travelled, embrace the joy of having loved and being loved.

Look forward with hope to a new journey with your children, for the road ahead is long and winding for the young. One more responsibility, one for the road.

To my friends or your spouse who is fighting the big C, never give up hope. Never give in to self pity. Strengthen your resolve. Fight one battle at a time. You are never fighting alone and never on your own. Gather strength from your family and friends.

Travelling together will make the journey more bearable and less painful. Enjoy your favourite food, get your daily dosage of laughter and joy, a smile a day keeps the big C away. One more happy memory, one for the road.

To the people of this country who is fighting the bad C, not a cure in sight. Stage 4 Corruption is like cancer spread from head to toe. Surgeons gave up hope, police not a hope, AG is a dope, GE raise some hope. Leader is a joke, rakyat gets the poke. One more plead to rule, who cares, one for the road.

To the leaders who are fighting against time, cheating on their mind. Never ever enough, no dastardly scheme is considered tough. Missing money and missing land, missing memory that is the plan. One more scheme, Felda is the cream. Another one for the road.

To the leaders who use race and religion to perpetuate their own existence, please remember there is a constitution. We are multi-racial and multi-faith, so stop being racial and single faith. If you love the country more than you love yourself, then make a U-turn or remove yourself. Your (next) one for the road might just be your final road to perdition.

Business come, business go, young startups only want to grow. Land grab here, land grab there, spending investor’s money, nobody cares. Losing left, losing right, do up the numbers to make it right.

Cash flow low, runway down, investors feel like a money clown. Potential good, future bright, give me more cash it will be alright. (Last) one for the road.

Business up, business down, everyday the CEO frowns. Google here, Facebook there, taking all our business from everywhere. Revenue down, morale down, looks like a VSS another round. Pivot here, pivot there, looks like old business can’t go anywhere. Outlook poor, future bleak, unless you transform into a digital geek. One more try the CEO cried, the board of directors dare not reply. One for the road, for old times sake.

GST up, prices will be down, that’s what we have been told by financial clowns. GDP up, local businesses down, non-economist wears a frown. Salaries flat, food prices up looks like next year cannot afford the pub. Guess no more “one for the road”.

2017 came and went. A bruised and patched up Humpty Dumpty still sitting on the fence.

2018 could turn out to be the most important GE of our times. So come out and vote.

One for the road. To prosperity. To secularity. To multi-ethnicity. To Malaysia.

Happy New Year everybody!

Published (with some edits): https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/12/30/one-for-the-road


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