14/2018 – Non-stop action for the last 100 days

Last week my daughter bought cinema tickets for the whole family to watch Mission Impossible: Fallout at Signature Gardens. It was fast paced non-stop action with betrayals and deceit as the recurring theme from beginning to end.

Just like our GE14, what was deemed impossible became possible. It has been non-stop action for the last 100 days (May 10 to Aug 17) with fallouts everywhere. It was fast paced culling with casualties for the alleged deceitful lot amid acts of revenge from the betrayed.

We were watching a long drawn movie with no respite, no time even for a toilet break. The chaotic scenes can best be described like a Star Wars movie with its many sequels.

Star Wars : Return of the Emperor

Long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there lies a planet called Malayacandoo. Rich with minerals, oil and fertile grounds, it attracted many immigrants from neighbouring planets over a few zillion light years. From the closest neighbours came the Indonisitas who became the biggest tribe and renamed Uputras.

Then came the traders from the Chinapek planet and the labourers from the Diandian tribe. The local indigenous tribes, the Ewoks and the Dasans became the minority and they remained in the remote part of the planet.

Malayacandoo was colonised for more than 200 light years by the Engli-vaders until the Uputras, Chinapek, Diandian and the various species of Ewoks work together to drive them out. The Engli-vaders had exploited the minerals of the planet but they had left behind a competent civil administration for the planet.

The Uputras being the majority took control of the administration and the planet, and ruled for 60 zillion years.

Peace reigned in Malayacandoo as all tribes share the spoils of the land. Then the sixth emperor who is actually the insidious Darth Sidious restored the Sith and destroyed the Jedi order. Scheming, powerful and evil to the core, Darth Sidious aka Phantom Menace unleashed the Stormtroopers on all the tribes including the previous Emperor and his cohorts.

Deprived and appalled by the dastardly acts of Darth Sidious, the fourth Emperor joined the resistance and in an historic bloodless battle on AD 090518, the Resistance aka Hopecoalition with tribal power assumed control of the planet.

The fourth Emperor is now the seventh Emperor. No scriptwriter could have written a better finale ending for Star Wars : The Return of the Emperor.

Star Wars : Return of the Jedi

The opening scene of the sequel saw the seventh Emperor took control of the multi level senate in his maiden speech. Some petrified Administrators fled their postings to find refuge in the wasteland. As there were too many administrators that went rogue, the new Emperor set up the Jedi Council of Eminent Persons, recalling Master Yoda from the wasteland to head the Council.

There was much uncertainty and mistrust in the air, nobody trust nobody. Who among the Administrators have been seduced by the dark force of Corruptor? Will Master Yoda be seduced by the dark side of the Force? How will he keep his deprived apprentices happy?

The Emperor has his hands full dealing with the Hope Coalition who has been objecting to his many archaic plans which is 20 light years old. His battery operated lightsaber seems outdated next to a drone flying light saber that could swish on AI technology. His clone successor called AI is always by his side constantly reminding him of the time constraint in fulfilling all the pre agreed conditions and manifestos. Milestones of fulfilment in 100 days and in two years.

To make matters worse, Rizi Skywalker and Princess Leia Izaah from the Hope Coalition is fighting with Min Solo, the Emperor’s favourite apprentice. It is a convoluted plot that only Hollywoodoo scriptwriters can create. Exciting finale at the end of this movie when the real Darth Vader finally appears.

Star Wars : Sequels of the Sequels

Now that peace and rule of law has been restored to the galaxy, the Jedi Council reigns supreme once again. However, underneath the calm, the Dark side of the Force is again threatening the balance of the Universe. Holyywoodoo moghuls are deciding on the sequels to be produced. Reputable crystal ball reading scriptwriters are highly sought after.

Some of the sequels in the pipeline of this successful franchise could be:

  • Star Wars: The Fall of the Hope Coalition
  • Star Wars: The Demise or Resurrection of the Uputras
  • Star Wars: Abdication of the Emperor aka Darth Vader
  • Star Wars: The Eighth Emperor aka The Last Jedi aka U-Sith Lord
  • Star Wars: The New Millennium Falcon (hyper speed jump from ship to ship)

Whatever happens to these war lords, the planet Malayacandoo will continue to thrive as the tribal force now can keep the dark side of the force in check thus ensuring the balance of the forces in the galaxy.

Life will be boring for us, the audiences if the Star War franchise is discontinued. Aren’t we glad that we, the audience can now write our own scripts?

Where the good always triumph over the evil.

Take out your popcorn. For sure more sequels will be squeezed out from this successful franchise. For more information, you can google wookieepedia.com

May the force be with you. Always.

Published: https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/08/18/nonstop-action-for-the-last-100-days/


One thought on “14/2018 – Non-stop action for the last 100 days

  1. Re Engli-vaders leaving behind a competent civil admin: I used to have an ex-General of the ATM as a colleague. He told me about the Engli-vaders leaving behind a strong foundation and despite self-infliction by the subsequent mostly self-interested administrators, the Malayacandoo’s govt remained “boleh tahan”. Not that it could last forever and thankfully the Emperor returned to save Malayacandoo from the self-proclaimed king of klep.

    Still, the admin might not be able to “tahan” forever, and much work is needed to re-strengthen the base -not just perennially doing patching-up jobs.

    We shall remain Hopeful but at the same time be Vigilant!


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