2/2019 – Stay humble, avoid trouble and your fortune might just double

In the last few months, I have been busy attending weddings and funerals. Many happy moments interspersed with occasional sad news. The circle of life is filled with hope and despair.

Similarly, the various companies that I have invested in, they too have gone through some good moments and some bad moments. Happiness on one hand and anguish on the other.

On Facebook and WhatsApp chats, I have seen logical discussions and I have grimaced at the idiotic arguments. Everybody is either very smart or horrendously stupid. There is no middle ground.

Some of our local politicians have made some intelligent comments though many more displayed their lack of intelligence. More so when they include religion into their thoughtless speeches. Empty vessels do make the most noise.

Some ministers have been working hard and making good progress. Some ministers do no work at all. Some ministers make decisions that cause our country to regress. Many voters are now feeling depressed and full of regret.

Yes, UEC will be recognised. No, it will not be until a holistic analysis is done in five years’ time. No politicians will be appointed to head the GLCs. Yes, it is ok to appoint politicians to GLCs. Broken promises and flip-flop decisions seems to be the order of the day. Trust deficit increasing by the day.

To be or not to be. The eighth Prime Minister will be Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. What was so sure has become unsure. Mentee usurping the mentor it should not be. Just as there are no permanent friends nor enemies in politics, loyalty is not blind when there is opportunity.

There are only good intentions in every religion. Only bad people come out with bad intentions. Hiding behind race and religion, these hypocrites create fear and thus bring shame to their race and religion.

There are good people and there are bad people. Kindness and evil exists side by side. Safety and danger are on opposite sides. What is right for some people, all is wrong for other people. What is fair to some, others will claim it is unfair. Everybody fighting for their rights, most of the time, it does not sound right.

Entrepreneurs have it tough, politicians only know how to play rough. Common people low on cash, corrupt people continue to take cash. MACC having a real bash, many people making a dash.

Chinese New Year is round the corner, Ah Lai the contractor driven to all corners. Old debts not paid, no money the developer said. Bonus not yet paid, some workers have to be laid off. Market not so good, on the table there will be less food.

Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019. The year may be different, to the people there is no difference. The struggle is the same, everyone trying to stay sane. Year in, year out, just smile and try not to pout. Stay humble, avoid trouble and fortune might just double.

Entrepreneurs must stay optimistic, in business there is no mystic. Some will make more, some will make less. Hopefully, more joy than duress. Work hard, work smart until it becomes an art. Use your brain, not your heart or fortune will depart.

People come, people go, moments of high and low. Wish them well, say farewell, only memories left to dwell. Hire well, train them well, it will turn out swell. Keep the bold, cherish the old, advice you have been told.

Market not right, cash flow seems tight, best you stay asset light. Profits here, savings there, for sure bankers will be there. When confidence grow, money will flow, does not matter where the wind blow. Cash is king when you can buy bling bling without having to think.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets tougher. Tighten your belt, stay your course and you will be alright of course. When market down, stay lower to the ground. Stable stance, knees bent, you will last longer till the end. Heads in the cloud, always proud, you will not last through the drought.

Cycles come, cycles go, some business better no go. Timing good, timing bad, sometimes it is just too bad.

If you have saved for a rainy day, everyday is a happy day. If you are highly leveraged, you will surely quickly aged. Advice in, advice out, should have listened and you will never be in doubt.

Life goes on, carry on, offline need to be turn on. Platform here, platform there, now you can sell everywhere. Wifey here, WiFi there, time have to be share. Blockchain here, block heads there, bi coins everywhere. Ponzi here ponzi there, get cheated everywhere. Travel here, travel there, with Internet, you can travel anywhere!

Old advice, new advice, always stay out of vice. Entrepreneurs young and old, just remember you have been told. Wealth with health is better than health is wealth.

Stay healthy, act wealthy and like my contractor friend Ah Lai said…. “Don’t Woli ..Be Happy!”

Have a good year ahead.

Published: https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2019/01/28/stay-humble-avoid-trouble-and-your-fortune-might-just-double


2 thoughts on “2/2019 – Stay humble, avoid trouble and your fortune might just double

  1. Thus I have read your article with a chuckle. Truth be told they are all so true which makes me all the more blue. I am so disappointed with Pakatan with a whole lot of wangpatan*. What’s the point of voting, hoping for changes
    but all they do are all the same, leaving us with small change. Indeed there will be less food on the table, repeating the same old fable or, may be even worse. Promises, promises, promises become lies, lies and lies…surely we will all die standing if change doesn’t come soon!!

    *Chinese for useless or comically, son of a gun


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