5/2018 – Fake startup entrepreneurs

TIME really flies. In the blink of an eye, my kids are all grown up. My two boys have started their journeys in career and in relationships. My little girl is graduating this July. Finally, my wife has grown accustomed to my rotund face and body even though it has taken her 30 years to do so.

Thirty years ago, we had fake Louis Vuitton bags made in Thailand and China. Now we have fake news made by almost anybody and everybody. There were laws against fake goods and now there are laws against fake news.

We could not tell the difference between the fake goods against the originals then, we are not able to differentiate between the real news and the fake news now.

Only the original experts could tell the difference then, now we have fake experts to spot the fakes from the originals. In the blink of an eye, real becomes fake and fake becomes real.

The powerless will soon be powerful again. Revenge turns to love, love turns to hate and now, hate is in the air. In the end, love will bring us together. Given time, all strained relationships will heal when the universe of power is balanced again.

Time will tell. Words are cheap, living cost is not. Promises made, memory fade. When in power, suffer the same fate. Time and time again, only the elite gain, the mass always suffer in pain. Sugar and spice, once in five years you can get rice. Missing in time, no one can tell, whether your rep is from heaven or hell. Once voted, only time will tell.

Time is money. Cash is king, votes will swing. Money can’t buy you love, everybody tells you so.

The Queen checkmates the King, money means nothing. People will love you, if you give up everything. Money, money, money, ABBA sings so funny. It is a rich man’s world, money rules the world.

If you think I am talking about politicians, it is just a figment of your imagination. Nothing could be more fake than that. I am describing the fake startup entrepreneur who over-promises his investors and his employees. Over time, you can tell whether he is genuine or a convincing fake.

A fake startup entrepreneur is as genuine as a business con man and I have seen many in my lifetime.

A con man tells one lie after another, covers up one hole with another bigger hole until he believes in his own lie. Now he believes he is speaking the truth and his subconscious is not able to differentiate the real from the fake or is it the fake from the real?

As seen in UK and US, some fake startup entrepreneurs are great con man spending investor’s money on a lavish lifestyle until they are caught.

Because of their ability to raise large sums of money, they genuinely believe their deception can continue forever. They have also corrupted their group of managers to participate in their scheme of deception. Cover-ups are normally done en mass at the top. The mass employees are the ones who suffers the consequences of a failed startup.

Genuine politicians have noble intentions. Eradicate poverty, selfless service to the community at large, raise the standard of living, institute good governance and save the world. But there are also fake politicians who are similar to fake startup entrepreneurs who are similar to genuine con men.

To all smart investors, it is advisable to identify these fake entrepreneurs early before you part with your hard earned money. Do not be taken by sugar-coated promises of rich returns because there aren’t any.

If the startup entrepreneur and his wife live a lavish lifestyle on other people’s money, he is no more a startup entrepreneur. He is a con man. And you deserve the entrepreneur you have invested in.

To all the young startup entrepreneurs, please treat investors’ money like your own. Be frugal and do not forget your original noble intention of serving the public good. Do not take lightly your responsibilities towards your employees for their rice bowl is in your hands. You should empower your people towards self sufficiency, meritocracy and performance driven goals.

To all the young politicians, stay true to your original noble intentions. Do not be corrupted by the system and older fake politicians.

Easy money is evil money. Once you succumbed to evil temptations, you are on the hell road of no return. You are our only hope. If the older politicians are fake, discard them and start your own revolution.

To all the genuine older politicians, since there aren’t any, no advice will be forthcoming. Let the young ones rule the world for a change. Sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your life in comfort. You deserve it just as we deserve you.

Oh by the way, I just realised the general elections is around the corner. To all the voters, please vote wisely. Or you will live to regret in no time. Have a good time at the polls.

Published: https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/04/28/fake-startup-entrepreneurs


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